The Best Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner For Flawless Looking Brushes

It is well known that a good set of makeup brushes is a key factor for the final result in all professional makeup, as long as they are clean, free of bacteria, and of course, that they are used correctly, since dirty makeup brushes, full of oil, dust, and bacteria, could ruin even the most perfect makeup, and damage the skin considerably. Dirty makeup brushes could cause skin problems, from redness, to acne caused by bacteria accumulated in the bristles of the brushes.

The face, in addition to being the most exposed part of the body, is also the most important in terms of beauty and makeup problems, so it is very important to keep a clean face, free of grease, and impurities, to give the skin the opportunity to breathe, and renew itself naturally every night. Makeup brushes are an essential tool for applying perfect makeup, but they could also pose a significant risk if they are not cleaned properly. An electric makeup brush cleaner is the ideal solution to keep all your brushes clean and free of bacteria in record time.

electric makeup brush cleaner

  • How long would it take to clean each and every one of your makeup brushes, one by one?
  • Would it be about 5 minutes by brush?
  • 10 minutes per brush? if we count the use of some brush cleaning liquid, gel, or shampoo?

With the use of an electric makeup brush cleaner, you can clean all your brushes in about 10 or 15 minutes, in addition you can even use your favorite liquid soap, shampoo, or only water, and it will work perfectly. And it will not only leave them clean and free of bacteria, but it will also dry them for you.

makeup brush cleaner usage

Remember that everything that is not completely sealed runs the risk of becoming infected with a bacteria or a virus, which will go directly to your body in one way or another, and makeup brushes are no exception. This is why it is so important to keep your makeup brushes clean. The skin in our face is the most sensitive and thin [as you get older] of the body, so dirty makeup brushes could cause severe skin problems.

It is very difficult to find a good makeup brush cleaner, especially when our brushes are our treasure, and we don’t want anything to spoil them. That is why we must find the best makeup brush cleaner, and add it to our makeup arsenal as soon as possible, in this way we can be sure that our makeup brushes will always be clean, and free of bacteria whenever we need them.

electric makeup brush cleaner details

Now that we know the importance of an electric makeup brush cleaner, you will wonder how to use to use it? And for this we have created the 101 guide on how to properly use an electric makeup brush cleaner.

  • Fill the container with a little water, until the water reaches a little below the middle height of the container, approximately ¼ of the total volume. Optionally you can add shampoo, or liquid soap, in case your brushes contain oils, or are very dirty.
  • Choose one of the 8 rubber mounts, which best suits the shape and width of the brush you want to clean.
  • Before starting with thorough cleaning, let the brush soak in the soap and water solution, then turn on the electric makeup brush cleaner to start deep cleaning.
  • Clean all your brushes this way. A trick to get super clean brushes, is to do it in 2 times, the first [1] is to clean all makeup brushes without drying [without spinning at the end], and the second time [2] is to remove the water used in the first time, fill again the container, and repeat the washing, but this time centrifuging at the end for a perfect drying. This 2 step process will clean your brushes, and then rinse and dry them so that they are shiny in the shortest time possible.
  • For drying, you just have to turn on the electric makeup brush cleaner without immersing the makeup brush in the solution of water and liquid soap, the spin will dry it automatically.

best electric makeup brush cleaner

Now that you know how to perfectly use an electric makeup brush cleaner, you can clean all your makeup brushes, leaving them free of bacteria, oil residue, and dust. This will help you prevent makeup errors, redness on the face, skin infections, and even acne caused by dirty makeup brushes. There is no doubt that an electric makeup brush cleaner is an indispensable tool for every makeup lover. If you don’t have one yet, this is your chance to get the best electric makeup brush cleaner at the best price only in Vanity Brushes.

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