Professional Microfiber Cloth Pads To Remove Your Makeup Anywhere

The face is the most exposed part of the body, the one with the thinnest skin [What makes it vulnerable], and the one with the most products applied, be it creams, oils, makeup, among others. Every night, the body performs its regeneration cycle, and for this to happen without problems, before sleeping, we must completely remove the makeup used on our face, otherwise we could be adding days of aging to our skin [The skin ages approximately 5 days for each night that the makeup is not removed properly]. This is one of the reasons why we should keep our face protected, and clean during the day, using microfiber cloth pads daily, which will keep it fresh, and breathing, either in the morning when you wake up, or at night to completely remove makeup before bedtime. They also have the perfect size to take with you anywhere, whether on a trip, or in the purse for daily use, they will always be useful at any time, and anywhere.

microfiber cloth pads

Hygiene prevents photo aging, which manifests as faster cell aging caused by sunlight. This cellular aging causes damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin [Proteins in the skin that help fight wrinkles, and give the skin elasticity and vitality], which can cause in some cases, spots, and other notoriously visible damage . In addition, not removing makeup properly can block pores in the skin, which would prevent it from breathing, in some cases causing infections, redness, and even acne. All this could be avoided by using a simple absorbent microfiber cloth pad, which will remove facial oiliness, makeup, and face powder, with just a little water.

microfiber cloth pad

Microfiber cloth pads easily fit in any purse, bag, or makeup organizer. Traditional make-up removers are usually liquid, or creamy, so they can be crushed, and unintentionally spilled easily. Brushes, and other makeup tools can be seriously damaged when transported in purses or bags… But absorbent microfiber cloth pads can be transported in any type of purse, or bag, they only use water, they clean deeply, they remove makeup your completely, and do not damage the skin, allowing it to breathe, and renew.

deep cleansing microfiber cloth pad

These portable microfiber pads will be with you when, and where necessary. Because of their small size, and efficient cleaning, they will leave your skin perfectly clean, soft, and free of impurities. They are super easy to use, you can carry them in your purse, or in a bag during the day, and use them at the time that is necessary, since they are also super useful to eliminate excess makeup, or erase those small makeup imperfections that you may have during the day, and all this without irritating the skin, and with just a little water.

absorbent microfiber cloth pads

Microfiber cloth pads are economical, and are available to everyone, the material is super absorbent, and 100% soft, and environmentally friendly. They work with just a little water, which allows you to save on chemical cleansers. They also sponsor the economy of effort, since to use them you only need a little water and that’s it, which allows you to be ready in just a few moments… no effort involved. At night, when fatigue is in the air, and the most desired thing is a bed, these pads will be there to meet your goal in record time, so you can sleep with a clean face, and without makeup, which will facilitate the cycle of regeneration of the body, and will give more life to your skin. Without a doubt, These microfiber cloth pads have proven to be a secret weapon for facial cleansing, which will help keep your skin fresh, and free of makeup when you need it.

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