7 Types Of Makeup Brushes And How To Use Them

Makeup is the secret weapon of every woman who wants to feel beautiful, whether to reduce eye bags, to cover a small pimples, or for a promising night, we know that on our side there will always be makeup as our secret weapon. And for professional results, it is necessary to use the right tools, in the right places, and in the right way, as is the case with makeup brushes.

Too many makeup tutorial videos would be necessary to know each and every one of the types of makeup brushes available, and even more if we consider the proper way to use each of them, plus the tips and finishes possible. But, today we put at your disposal a small guide called “101 Makeup Brushes Guide” with which you will learn everything you need to get started.

Concealer Brush

It is used to correct small imperfections. Corrections must be made before applying the base, so that the makeup looks perfectly natural and radiant. It is a small rounded brush, which makes it perfect for working with precision. This brush is definitely essential.

Foundation Brush

The application of the base/foundation is also part of the art of makeup, sometimes less is more, and it is one of the most important stages for skin treatment, and makeup style. This brush is usually much larger than the others, to ensure that the entire face is covered in the shortest possible time. Now, no matter how much time you have, you can always be ready in record time with a good foundation brush.

Powder Brush

It is used to apply loose powder [which seals makeup], compact powder. This type of rounded and large brush will give a special touch to your face.

So far we have created the basis for the application of makeup, our makeup brush set must have each and every one of these types of brushes to create a natural and fresh appearance. The next step will be the application of specific makeup to highlight the best attributes of our face, and it will be up to each woman to decide the volume and intensity of each of them.

Eyeshadow Brushes

True makeup focuses on the eyes. Makeup brushes? All are important and super useful if you want to make your life easier. The blender brush… It is the one that will make a difference, time, and quality. These brushes are basic for the application of the eye shadow, and should not be missing within your makeup set.

Blend – Eyeshadow – Cut Crease

Angular and Eyebrow Brushes

The angular makeup brush is also essential. It is designed for a crisp stroke, so its effectiveness in delineating the eyes, and the eyebrow contour made liquid eye pencils obsolete, not only for having a better finish and sharper lines, but also does not disappear during the day .

The Eyebrow Brush: The eyebrows should be brushed to keep them tidy, and for the eyeliner shape to look natural [1 or 2 shades lighter than the color of your hair].

Blush and Bronzer brushes

With these brushes you can mark, illuminate, or shade large areas on the face. You can use it for example to illuminate the cheeks, or to profile the chin, or the entire face.

Lip Gloss Brush

It is a small brush that will help you mix the lip liner with the lipstick, to give shine and volume to your lips, like a bright mask that will cover both the eyeliner and the lipstick. Basic but indispensable within our makeup set.

With this we finish our “101 Makeup Brushes Guide”. All the brushes mentioned lines above are indispensable, and should not be missing in your makeup set. It is also very important to keep all your makeup brushes clean. It is not a daily cleaning, but you have to do it regularly to keep them free of bacteria that could affect your health. So it is advisable to use a electric makeup brush cleaner at least once a week, if these are used daily.

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