3 Lighted Makeup Mirror Types That Every Makeup Lover Must Have

Lighted makeup mirrors are fast becoming more preferred to the regular type of mirror and the reason is not far-fetched. These trending type of mirror are fitted with LED lights to provide adjustable illumination to suite the occasion. The business of staying pretty is all about keeping up with the beauty trend which as we know is in a constant evolution and these new type of mirror are the new trendy thing.

As a professional in the makeup business, staying relevant and in business is almost impossible without you keeping up with the evolving beauty trends and having a professional lighted makeup mirror for your professional makeup sessions is just as important. Regular people are not left out as having a portable lighted makeup mirror for travel that you can carry along with you anywhere you go is important as they could prove really helpful for those emergency occasion where you need to touch up your makeup and need a source of illumination.

LED foldable makeup mirror, Magnifying LED makeup mirror and the Foldable Magnifying LED makeup mirror are 3 lighted makeup mirror types that every makeup lover must have and here is why:

The LED foldable makeup mirror

LED Foldable Makeup Mirror

This is a perfect companion in your daily makeup routine, they are so portable that you can carry them wherever you go without it causing any inconvenience and they can prove to be very essential for those occasion where you need to touch up your makeup in the dark or poorly illuminated places as they can provide the perfect illumination. They are a two-sided mirror fitted with 8 built-in LED lights for maximum illumination. They work with batteries and are also rechargeable as there is a space where it can be connected with a USB Cord. They come in different colors and have magnetic openings.

The Magnifying LED mirror

The Magnifying LED Mirror

This is an essential thing to have in your bedroom and your makeup studio. This special type of mirror has adjustable LED illumination that can be set to suit your desired light intensity. It’s Magnifying feature ensures that there are no dead ends and you get a better view of your face to be able to perfectly apply your makeup. They are fitted with a flat stand so you can position them on your dressing table or in your favorite position in your room where you like to makeup. They are fitted with a switch to put on and off the lights and also fitted with a touch screen on the face of the mirror where the intensity of the light can be adjusted. They also work with batteries and are also rechargeable.

Foldable Magnifying LED makeup mirror

Foldable Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror

They are very much the same as the Magnifying LED makeup mirror just that they are foldable and also the different parts of the mirror are made of different Magnifying capacity thus providing its users with different magnified views of their face.

Switching from the regular makeup mirror type to the lighted makeup mirror is surely a good option as they have several advantages over the regular makeup mirror. They as a matter of fact becoming the new regular makeup mirror.

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